I was intrigued to understand why Bull and Bear are used as metaphors for the up and down markets.
Just stating that it depends on how the animals fight wasn't sufficient.
Or, at least I felt there was more.

Recently I learned, that there is!
The reason for the metaphors was because of the bloody prize fights that were made between Bulls and Bears in the 19th century in North America. They were very popular, a beloved past-time with family.
Around the time the New York Stock Exchange was opened (1817),
it seems the brokers were inspired by the Bull and Bear fights, where the bulls kicked their opponents up and bears pushed them down.

And along with this, I learned about all of the other bear-baiting and bull-baiting.
(where a bull or bear is chained up to a post and other animals, usually dogs are set on them)
and how much it was loved in Old England, and was Elizabeth I's favourite pass-time.

It's quite sad and unfair. But unfortunately that's life.

Made a short 3 and a half minute video about it as well.
If you guys are interested, you can find it under this link.

Source: reddit post

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