Reading about Napoleonic Wars i always wondered why Napoleon was so soft toward Austria. I mean they were constantly declaring war to France, they basically missed only 1 war (1806) in more then 20 years, constantly sending huge armies but every time Napoleon defeated them he never tried to punish them too much. Its completely opposite then what he did to Prussia who he almost dismembered 1806 or what he did to Spain. He defeated them in 1790s and in the end given them Venice, 1805 after Austerlitz he again did nothing and 1809 after Wagram he did take Dalmatia and North Italian possessions but still left them as Great Power and even married Austrian Emperor daughter. What i'm really interested is why he simply didn't dismembered Empire, toppled Habsburg and gave independence to Bohemia, Hungary, Croatia and other parts like he did with Poland and turned them into his loyal allies? I mean of all Great Powers in Europe at the time Austria because of its multinational and multiethnic nature could be most easily destroyed and independent Hungary, Bohemia, Croatia etc.. could served as great source of soldiers

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