Why was Stalin not overthrown in 1941?


While I am well aware of how fierce a grip Stalin held over the populace of the soviet union, I still find it inconceivable that no significant defiance of Stalin's leadership is known at such a time. The industrial presence in the country was greater since ww1 when they backed out of the war despite a more favourable front. Everything about the eastern war up to the end of 1941 screamed disaster for the Russians. It is incomparable to Napoleon as he only held a linear course straight up to Moscow whereas the axis powers held everything from Leningrad to the Crimea and showed no signs of being vulnerable.

Perhaps they anticipated the Germans susceptibility to the winter conditions but still I see no plausible reason why he stayed in power, especially considering that he inspired no love and essentially betrayed his communist roots with Lenin.I am not suggesting they should have sued for peace, only that they should have at least undermined his authority.

And this is forgetting about the germans taking Stalingrad. By estimations on morale, taking Stalingrad should have been the final straw, The city that was named for him was held for almost a year. It somewhat contradicts the Russian ingenuity at such a time when hearing the terribly mistreated soldiers attempted no coup against the cowardly and poor Russian dictator.

I do not know where Joseph Stalin himself was actually located but I imagine he was far from the fighting which should have further swayed opinion against him.

Source: reddit post


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