I understand that wigs were worn in the past for the purpose of disguising syphilis symptoms. However, why were the wigs colored white? Why not choose a more natural brown or black shade? White hair would seem counterintuitive if the purpose was to hide supposed health issues.

Or was white used because it was the color of the powder itself? In that case, if they had pink powder and purple powder, why couldn’t the powder also be black?

Or was it that the hair used to make the wig was already white to begin with? Come to think of it, what was the hair sourced from? If it was derived from some natural fiber, I guess it might make sense if the only color option was a white or off-white shade. But surely that could also be dyed some different color.

Overall, I just don’t get the obsession with white hair. Was white hair some type of beauty symbol, a coveted display of auspiciousness, or something else? Did people wish for their babies to born albino with a head of white locks?

Source: reddit post


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