I am a writer doing some research working at a factory job. I have never worked in a traditional factory environment and I cant imagine doing it for years on end as a sole source of living. Its a stereotypical crappy hard working job. Anyway, there is a bit of a drama unfolding and I thought I would see if any other writers want to be involved in suggestions or adding their own thoughts or narratives.


Biff: Been there for a long time, its a job that has super high turnover, is physically intensive and just generally miserable. He always takes the best equipment and thinks he is a superstar and criticizes everyone else who does less even though 99% of the time its because the equipment is bad. Very low intelligence and has a complex from it and probably was a bully in high school.

John: Biffs bud, he screws up all the time and Biff never criticizes him and actually seems to really care for him and is almost like a father to him even though Biff is just a little older. John is a hothead and would most likely been fired without biff helping him. Self admitted 9th grade dropout, been in and out of jail

Me: I like to think I am smart, creative and relatively easy to get along with. Biff constantly tries to push my buttons, being relatively new I get the hand me down broke equipment that you cant ever make quota on, he constantly tells me how dumb I am because I cant make quota. The one day John was out sick I did WAY over quota on Johns equipment and that infuriated Biff cause now I can just bring up the point I am not terrible, just have terrible assignments and equipment at times.

Phil: New guy, young seems much more normal and down to earth than Biff and John. Biff is doing the same hazing to him and he is thinking about quitting cause of it.

I am thinking about making an alliance with the new guy. What has been happening the last 6 months biff and john will gang up on the new guy till he quits or asks to be transferred. But I am super thick skinned and not exactly looking to make a career out of this place so find it more amusing than anything else so I am sticking it out. If Phil and I stick to together it will change the power dynamic and I want to see how Biff and John respond. Like we could do stuff like call off on the same day, start grabbing the good equipment, complaining about our treatment together would definitely make a huge difference. Basically make their jobs very hard like they have been doing to the new guy. I will update this as things unfold for anyone that might be interested. Also I am open to suggestions on what direction this heads.

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