This is the first story I have ever written really. My wife encouraged me and I wanted to share it to see what others thought. The world detail is a bit scarce because it is actually Asiram’s dream and will be a prologue/beginning to the book so I am teasing alot of details. Cant wait to hear what you all think!


Dragonbreath scorched the earth directly in front of Asiram. She staggered back, reeling from the sheer heat and the surprising fact she was still alive. Quickly realizing there was not much time until the creature returned for another flurry of hell, Asiram pushed herself to her feet and ran. The ground was charred and unrecognizable corpses littered the path in front of her. Her feet kept a strong footing despite being worn from days of battle. She ran hard and fast, constantly checking peripherals for signs of Duneimis. She knew this particular beast of war personally, and he was not one to let an enemy escape.

There was a light up ahead, something she had not entirely recognized before. It was night, and one of the darkest at that as ash filled the sky. No moon shine tonight and even if it did it would not penetrate the smoke of battle. She could not make out what this light was, but something told her whatever it was could not be as bad as waiting to be scorched by Duneimis’ flame. The light grew brilliant as her feet brought her closer to this supposed safety, but the wings of war were not far behind. In the distance behind her she could hear the powerful thunderclap of the dragon’s feet hitting the ground. Thats odd, she thought, why would he land so hot on my tail.

She vaulted into the debris of an encampment that lay scorched. The bodies of people she probably knew were burning beneath her as she ducked in order to find her bearings. Where are you beast. The final stretch before the light was an open field, and she had to be sure she was clear before putting herself out there like a sitting duck. There was no sign of the dragon, but she had been sure he had landed somewhere close…now not so sure. Duneimis was cunning and could be extremely silent for a dragon of his size. Her head throbbed from a wound hours ago. She sat back in the trench of the encampment and ran her fingers through whatever was at arm's length. A soldier's blood stained hair caught her hand. She could make out two small braids that met behind the neck. The soldier was a youth; newly drafted into the military forces. The braid was a symbol of virginity regarding ones killcount. She could not tell whether this young man was able to get a shot off before losing his own life.

I am drifting, she thought, I need to cross this field…but I know he is close. She shook herself back into focus, quickly dropping the soldiers braid and fingering her blade hilt once again. She felt a strange warmth come over her shoulders and she rose slowly from the trench, and then she saw it. The eye of the dragon met hers, not more than five feet away. He was cunning indeed. The dragon rose, wings outstretched and letting out a cry that shook the corpse-ridden ground beneath her. Asi raised her sword and let out her own words in the ancient tongue, something to strengthen her. S’hevlana Echaran Re Ton Langatha. A phrase her father taught her during her first raid. Duneimis released the hellfire from his throat and the blackness took her,

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