This concept is a backstory that establishes of what the protagonist have become.

The protagonist is a high nobleman and also the successor for his family, which is out powered and influenced only by the royal family of the empire.

He is currently the man in command for one of the spec ops teams at the age of 22. (Yes in my world no matter who you are, you have to contribute to the empire and if the emperor says so, you do so)

First of all, every person who has potential or is part of a noble bloodline, can attend the Imperial Academy to be trained into those specialised troops. (even though a lot of people can enter, they are probably gonna fail)

The age of 10 is the minimum before they can enlist and are trained for 10 years in various subjects and skills in order for them to fulfil their duty later.

The first 2 years are solely for learning as you would in elementary, the next 2 year is the same but something like high school like subjects, and this is when they finally get to use their weapons and hone their magical powers.

The next 2 year will leave out the study part and only focuses on combat training.

For the last 3 years they can become 'partial mentors' beside the teachers and choose from 2 up to 6 people as their student, these students also have to be in the 3rd year at least. This is to pass down their experiences and improve upon their existing ones, while also to get the feeling of teaching/ leading a group.

The final year is of course preparing for the exams. The first part is the written one, of mainly strategic subjects, the second part is the combat exam and the final one.

This is where the students become proper soldiers for the battlefield. They either have to make their opponent give up, or if they refuse, it is perfectly fine to kill them on the spot to achieve the goal.

Soo this is the concept of my protagonists 'training', the question is, would someone be able to lead a spec ops squad after 10 years of continuous education for it and around 3-6 month of real combat experience.

This is important, because I plan him to reassemble the spec ops group about 3 years after the events that happen when he is 22. And not just that group, but to later lead a rebellion against the emperors brother, who took over by force (a coup) and help the son of the emperor, who is hiding regain the throne.

This will eventually lead to the main story as well (the rebellion) so again, would it be possible for someone to lead a spec ops squad and later an organised army / rebellion?

Anyway, thanks for coming this far, I'm sure I'm overlooking things and this can be improved a lot upon, so feel free to suggest anything.

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