A little of my own writing… Accessible Enlightenment / Spiritual novel in the works. I am a psychotherapist. What do you think of this intro? You don't have to agree or disagree with the content – I am not looking for a critique per say – I'm just interested in seeing if it is intriguing – whether it grabs your attention – whether you would read on? Thanks!

The irrational and unscientific guide to being.

Words cut. Words divide. Words create. Words destroy. It’s just what they do. There’s no way around it. I could write for a million years and I could write the most beautiful poetry and pull at your heartstrings, but it won’t change real the inconvenient truth of life. Knowledge is a lie.

Paradox. That’s what all thought leads to: Paradox, confusion, frustration and always, always, always division. So what am I writing for? That’s the obvious question! What am I using the words for if all they can do is miss the mark? I am using them because if you delve into them deeply enough, they will alert you to their limits. Their strengths and weaknesses. Once you become aware of the limits of language, then you may wonder what are the non-linguistic limits to being? What are the phenomenological limits to being? Ok, so language is limited you say, so what?! We couldn’t communicate at all if we didn’t have language. And there lies the crux of the matter? Why do we communicate through language? Have you ever looked deeply into that question? It sounds like a crazy question. We do it because that’s what us humans do, right? Maybe. Maybe we have forgotten the appropriate function of thought, language and communication due to millennia of corruption and confusion. Maybe we need to find out why we are running around manically trying to make sense of a world gone mad.

This book is not going to make sense to you, because words are not sensations. Words exist independently of reality. But you have become so lost in the crystal maze of your mind that someone needs to help you, somehow, in a way that you will heed. You will only listen to logic, rationality, facts and ideas – Right?. You won’t be suckered in by all this irrational bullshit. You are too smart for that – right? Every wonder why those words are in your head? Where did that thought come from? Why do I believe it? Why do some people believe other alternatives to me? This book will show you why you only listen to logic, rationality, facts and ideas at present, and why that is a really big problem – the only problem actually. Ultimately humanity is going through an identity crisis, like a teenager going through puberty. What I hope is that we don’t remain so lost and depressed in our growing pains, that we kill ourselves. But ultimately, which is what this little experimental mind adventure of a book is pointing towards, everything “is as it is” and there is nothing to fear or worry about, not even fear itself.

There will be infuriating contradictions in this book and it will easily be torn apart and ridiculed in a debate. The author has minimal to no credentials and as I said before the whole lot of this is nonsensical. That’s why you need to listen to the message – Stop believing the nonsensical.

Imagine a hidden underground cave like crystal maze that holds hidden the philosophers stone, the secrets of alchemy, the arc of the covenant, the ultimate truth and the key to peace and happiness. Also in that cave are thousands of distractions and dead ends designed to keep you distracted, confused and lost. Imagine that for hundreds of thousands of years that almost all knowledge of this cave was lost. Imagine that for every word and every piece of math that is ever done, another snake slithers into that cave.

Treat this book like a map to the maze full of snakes containing lost treasure. It will point out the maze so that you can find it. It will then point out the nature of the snakes, distractions, and dead ends in the cave. It will then point that a snake has stolen your identity. Once you know the nature of the snakes, and the snake that has stolen your identity, you can then start to solve the puzzle of life. Remember though, this book, and every word in it, are snakes in disguise. They speak a little truth now and again, in order to keep you confused, so you must extract the message from them without getting poisoned. This is a dance with the devil, if you will, and you better dance well.

Many who have stumbled into the maze and realised where they were (which is relatively few), have attempted to find their way out of the cave, either by stumbling around in the dark and falling out by chance, or by solving the puzzle and receiving the treasures that come along with solving the forgotten crystal maze. Many have gone mad inside. They become lost trying to navigate the maze of snakes. If you find yourself lost in this cave (spoiler: you are right now) then your only hope of escape is understanding and awareness. You need to study the snakes, watching them closely in order to understand them. You need to become a snake expert – a snake charmer. Once you have mastered your understanding of snakes, knowing their strengths and weaknesses, varieties and the deadly venom they contain – then you will at least have a chance. If you do not understand the nature of the snakes, wading into them expecting to stumble upon the treasure or a way out, then you’ll get bitten and poisoned. Then you’ll wander around lost in the maze for the rest of your days as another snake spitting poison. Any other lost traveller you meet you’ll declare to them that there is no treasure and there isn’t even a maze. You’ll tell them that they are just a snake and that they are going mad.

This world is the maze of snakes. Words are snakes. They will bite you, constrict you, poison you, and kill you. They will lie to you. They will confuse you. They will lead you to paradoxes. They will contradict themselves. They will pretend to be you. You are lost in the crystal maze of your mind. But if you become a master snake handler, you have a chance to escape.

This book is a book of snakes. Many will not see or believe in the crystal maze. Most will not see the snakes. Most will even identify as a snake without even knowing they are doing so. Step one is to realise you are not a snake.

Chapter one. You are not a snake.

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