I don't mean to, but I've noticed that I almost get frustrated writing sometimes, because I have an entire idea in my head and when I write it down, it's no longer the idea that I started with (usually a good thing, sometimes frustrating). I also feel as if sometimes I keep information from my audience, because I don't want to make it too obvious in the beginning what's going to happen, but then the big picture becomes a blur to someone else that is reading it. It's almost like my brain tells me that I already know it so don't incorporate it but I need to because it's helpful to the audience and will get the point across. I have like a million ideas that run through my head all at once and I'm also hell-bent on finishing stories in one sitting but want to start a new story every time I get the idea in my head. My goal for my next few stories is to work on my foreshadowing and hopefully grow and learn.

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