Over the last two years, I’ve written 50 or so anonymous fantasy, sci-fi, and horror stories on Reddit. The stories I’ve written have been read by tens of thousands, some have been translated into different languages, and there are currently 40 multimedia productions; podcasts, movies, and a motion comic, of 12 of the stories.

I’m currently working with an editor, and intend to “go public” and publish a novella that’s not been shared online. I’ve also collected my free and widely shared fiction into a collection, with 25% new material, 16 illustrations, and links to the productions. I plan on self-publishing that in 4 months or so, when the illustrations are all completed.

My question is this, should I publish under the abbreviated version of my name that I go by, and have associated with my career as a visual artist, or publish using my full name – first, middle, and last, thus publishing under a name slightly different then the one I’ve built an artist brand around.

Currently there is an author with the same first (shortened version) and last name as me. He has self-published two sci-fi books on Kindle. I worry that people will get him confused with me, being that sci-fi is a genre I occasionally write in.

Also, I’ve been associating the shortened version of my name with my art career. By day I’m a professional artist, ad guy, and event portrait artist, and I have a bit of a following in that capacity. (It’s kind of a lot to add author to that litany.) Lastly, some of the stories I have written are dark and might not quite gel with my brand as a commercial artist, though honestly, I’m not super worried about that.

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My thinking is that if I publish under my full name, I can create a website, blog, etc, solely devoted to promoting my writing. The idea of creating a separate brand, one with I can also also promote with my current commercial artist social media platforms is kind of appealing. I can promote it on my current social media. “Did you know I write books under my full name? Check out my author page, etc…” Still, I am aware of the fact that I have a pretty well established social media presence as an artist. If I publish under a different version of my name as an author, I’ll have to do some work to build a platform/presence online around it.

One more thing to consider, there are many people who use the shortened version of my first name and share my last name. But if you google the long form version of whole name it’s a combination of words that, once I start promoting and advertising, will pretty much, only lead people to me and my writer work… I think.

I’m really interested in your thoughts. Thanks so much for your time.

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