I'm nearing the end of my first novel (around 120,000 words, but I plan on trimming it down) and for some reason I've been feeling really overwhelmed lately. I've researched different agents, but every time I think about sending it off I feel like I'm having a mild panic attack. Like, when I think about finishing the book + sending it to an agent + potentially being rejected I'm talking "all work and no play" levels of stress.

I've been feeling really worried that it'll never get published and all the work will be a waste. I actually feel like the book itself is good, but it's a weird niche (I'd call it a mix of grimdark and space opera) and I have endless, gnawing fears that it's unmarketable. I know everyone worries about this stuff but it's quite literally been keeping me up at night lately. I guess it's because I'm nearing the end of the story or something . . . But the publishing process seems daunting, and the fear of rejection is truly getting under my skin. This book is my life's work and the thought of agents turning their nose up at it is a real mood killer.

Has anyone here actually been published? Am I right to feel overwhelmed and borderline terrified?

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