Rhetorical question/story again.

My grandparents have been together since they were 15 years old. Married for 38 years. Going through my grandfathers phone sometimes, I see messages of him adoring her and telling her how much he loves her every day. For about 45 years now. That’s insane. I want this in my life.

My grandmother was found dead this morning. This has been super hard because she isn’t that old at all. She didn’t look herself but that’s how all dead bodies are if you have ever seen the soul being lifted out. But since she had been dead since the night before, nobody was able to figure out this experience. I don’t want to discuss the reasoning for her death but it’s not good.

Talking to my grandfather all day, I now really understand how much he loves her. He’s had nothing but affectionate, little things to say about her. How perfect she was. How she did things differently. How she was in love with him and he actually knew it.

The thing that I want to get at, and the thing that broke my heart is my grandpa saying “I feel like I have just lost my heart. I could care less about anything else right now. My heart and love is gone.”

Does true love like this truly exist. Or am I just an old soul trying to find my way?

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