Writing alternate history – new-ish to this, and seeking guidance on writing it from an in-universe perspective as primary sources.


For my worldbuilding, I've got my characters, Mikayla <"Kay", "Ayla" as nicknames> and Jennifer <"Jenny"> and now they're present in my new streamlined settings which consist of two universes, Universe 1, mentioned below, an alternate-history set in our world, and Universe 2, an entirely independent alternate continuity set on a fictional Earth.

More about the setting:

Universe 1

Our world, alternate-history and generally intends to be a Type I/Type II Alternate History, as defined by TV Tropes – so more about realism and certain historical events have to happen, albeit differently.

These real-world historical events are of major importance:

  • Ancient Romans and Roman Britain

  • Anglo-Saxons

  • Middle Ages

  • Henry VIII/Mary Queen of Scots' reign

  • World War I / World War II mentioned however>

  • The global financial crisis

  • Brexit

I have my setting – three settings – the United Kingdom , the United States and Canada as the settings for the work.

In line with the rules, this may technically qualify as fan fic since I've got alternate-history Audi, Buick, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Lexus, Lincoln,Nissan, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Renault, Saturn, Subaru, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo automobiles within the alternate-history, and these are featured in in-universe articles by newspapers etc. .

The fanfiction policy does state:

Fanfiction is welcome on fantasywriters, so long as it is of a fantastical nature. Many of us got our start writing fanfic, so it is important to us that writers of fanfiction are able to participate here.
All fanfic must be clearly represented as such. It is your responsibility as a submitter to state that what you are sharing is fanfic; otherwise, your work could be mistaken for plagiarism. When you state that a piece is fanfic, you acknowledge that pieces of the work are not of your original creation; that way, there can be no confusion.

Technically, this is mainly original work with some fanfic thrown in .

I haven't fully decided yet, but it may be a pastiche, satire or parody.

I'm writing my alternate-history in a different style of fantasy-writing – I'm writing it as if it was primary sources in-universe < (newspapers, magazines, books, blogs, websites) > and have my platform ready – a localhost copy of WordPress on my development webserver on OSX.

WordPress and HTML are what I use to generate the in-universe sources

I'm effectively rebooting my world, starting from scratch as previous iterations of my work were a sandbox, but now I'm clearer on my ideas, I'm focusing more on the alt-history world for now.

My problem comes down to how to make the alternate history realistic but also interesting.

I did have a look at the alternatehistory.com wikia, but would welcome any advice, as I've only just started to get back into alternate history, but creating it, not reading it . It's a sort of change for me to go from just being passive to trying to create it.

I've done some light Google-ing, but when it comes to alternate history, how do you make it interesting and realistic ?

My question relates to four major writing-related issues:

  • How to write alternate history

  • How to make the writing interesting.

  • Writing a pastiche

  • Writing a parody

I would appreciate any advice, opinions and input as I've been interested in alternate history and am now interested in trying to write it.

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