Writing in the 2nd person is great for political speeches and self-help books. But is it a different story when it comes to novels?

I'm in the process of writing and I found that I've had to write in the 2nd person for it to work. I have a supernatural creature as the narrator and it is directly addressing one of the characters throughout. Sometimes the character will actually "hear" the narration and interact with it.

This is all well and good, but I can't help but feel that it's all going to turn out really awkward to read. Seeing "You do this" and "You do that" and even "You think/feel this" for the whole book could be a turn-off for most readers. I feel like I'd be sacrificing part of the intrigue of the story if I changed course, but it'd make the book so much easier to understand if I adopted 1st or 3rd person. Should I stick with this approach or switch to something more legible and consumable?

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