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So I've been writing writing prompts because soon I will have to submit one for a club I'm in. So far everything we have written has been very suspense, action, and bizarre situation based, but I wanted to prompt a short story geared more towards character and dialogue. So I have written a few prompts and wanted to share one to get some feedback. This one is very open ended and it more there to set the mood.

What do you think?

Some of the bricks that made up the sidewalk were cracked, but that only added personality. Kagami, as he walked, thought about the time a boomslang, a type of snake, fell out of a tree next to him. Everybody who saw it was terrified, after all, they are deadly. He remembered how its scales were green; however, at arm’s reach he could see the green change to a brilliant blue that rimmed their edges. It was the most uniquely beautiful set of colors he had ever seen on anything. But, because the snake was “sly,” “unsettling,” and “short tempered,” people hated it.

He was nearing the shopping plaza where she would be waiting. Kagami knew he would likely receive a lick of her verbal venom. She hated to wait.

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