Hello! I'm currently writing a trans character (mtf) and am seeking some advice on the transition. Since I am not trans, I'm not sure how to write the transition.

For starters, what was it like before starting HRT and what was that first doctors appointment like?

What are some of the changes you experienced during the first few weeks of HRT? Changes both big and small are greatly appreciated. Im talking diet and exercise, body changes, voice, hair, etc..

When did you publicly come out? Were you forced to come out because of the noticeable changes from HRT? If so, how did that go?

What was the transition like when it comes to family, friends, and acquaintances (specficly students in high school)? How did they treat you? Did they use your proper pronouns right away? Did they use them at all?

What was the biggest difference between the day you came out and a year on HRT?

How did you get past the struggles with family and friends? Did they ever come around?

Compared to before you transitioned and today, how happy have you become? How much of an impact did it have on you mentally?

Im also curious how you handled changing your gender on things such as your drivers licence and ID's. How did that go? Where I currently live, being openly trans is a big no-no and could put you in harms way. Ive heard of a few people who have tried to change their drivers licence and were publicly humiliated during the event.

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This is a great help for me, thank you for taking the time to read this and possibly answer some of my questions.

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