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First post here, looking for some insight after a discussion with the missus.

In victorian / medieval times, if a part of an army wanted to defect from a tyrant leader, how would they get away without being shot / attacked in the process of leaving? Sure, if the whole army defects, they just turn around and take control, but if a smaller part, lets say a third of an army was trying to get away and flee the kingdom, would it be possible? Has it ever happened in history where a small force tried to break away from the bigger part and got away without all being killed for treason?

Would it be easier to do after another kingdom/army attacked and they were recovering? Would it actually happen during the battle or some other distraction? How about when there wasn't any active threat of battle?

Looking for thoughts – was this possible, has it happened. We love victorian / medieval times and discussing things like above – Would it work, etc.

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