Hey everyone! I'm having a bit of a dilemma as I sit down to write this idea that hasn't wanted to leave my head for a couple weeks now, and while I have my own signature way of doing things, it's sometimes led to problems in the past, so I wanted to get your opinions, specifically regarding world building.

The universe is a very swords-and-sorcery style one, and in previous endeavors like these I've always felt the need to get all of the world-building done first (countries, events, magic system, politics, etc.), and then work the characters I want to use into that mold of a world. It seems to make sense, in that I can make them more believable that way, but it often leads me to getting completely bogged down and lost in the weeds of world building when I probably should be focusing on the story/character work to get the ball actually rolling.

Do any of you prefer to build your characters first and then create the world around them, opposite of how I've been doing things? If so, how did/does it work out for you? Interested to see the other side of the coin I'm on.

Thanks for any input/advice anyone can provide!

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